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The Interdisciplinary Centre of Gender Studies was set up in 2003 under the aegis of the English Department of the University of the West, Timisoara, Romania and its main goals are:


*    the institutionalization of Gender Studies; its inclusion as an autonomous discipline in the academic curriculum. So far in the few university centres where Gender Studies is taught, it has been institutionalized only at the post-graduate level. A module of Gender Studies is taught within all the master programmes run by the English Department (American and British Studies, Translation Studies and Creative Writing).

*     making feminist theory accessible to a wider public by translating fundamental feminist literature into Romanian.  So far we have translated Gloria Steinem’s The Inner Revolution and Andrea Dworkin’s Letters from the War Zone

*    sensitizing young people to gender aspects, stereotypes and prejudices and making them aware of the need to make women more visible in the public sphere, developing their critical consciousness so that they take a firm attitude against sexist behaviour in the family, school, workplace, in the media, in the private and public spheres alike.

*    Strengthening ties with similar centres in the region and beyond it and particularly with GS centres in Romania.


The Centre publishes the Gender Studies Journal which has recently been awarded +B classification by the Romanian Ministry of Education. It is a peer-reviewed journal that selects for publishing the best research papers presented at the annual international BAS conference (British and American Studies).

The Centre has organized seminars, conferences, one-day symposia and round tables often in conjunction with the English Department and with the Social Sciences Department, the British Council Cultural Centre etc.

We have benefited from a Department Development Grant awarded by HESP-OSI which allowed us to work closely with such reputed international scholars as Professor Margaret Higonnet from Connecticut University and Professor  Isabel Marcus from Buffalo University).

In 2005 we organized and hosted an international seminar Who’s Afraid of Feminism? Teaching and Researching Gender in the CEE Region (which was part of a 3-year project)

Over the years we hosted talks and workshops conducted by international scholars from USA, Britain, India







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