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*      The Centre is militating for the introduction of Gender Studies as an autonomous discipline in its own right in the academic curriculum; the inclusion of Gender Studies in an initial stage in the menu of elective courses taught to students in their 4th year and its teaching as a module within the British and American Studies master programme organized by the English Department; the setting up of an interdisciplinary master programme in gender studies starting with the academic year 2003-2004 .

*       The centre is called upon to respond trough all its activities to the insufficient configuration of the theoretical framework of a salient feminist discourse in Romanian society and academe, to provide the terms and concepts necessary for carrying out a high-quality debate in the public sphere, in a social climate within which feminisms are fragmented and activism for all its commendable aspects is not matched by the necessary back up in the sphere of informed reflection and critical discourse.

*      Its activity will consist in projects that are pluridisciplinary in character and which should contribute to raising the studentsí awareness towards gender issues, gender equity, the necessity of making women more visible in the public realm, the development of a feminist, non-discrimnatory mindset.

*      It strives to create a resource centre for students, educators, administrators etc.

*      To publish articles on gender research (Gender Studies) and to translate feminist literature into Romanian.







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